Purchase Leather Furniture

Leather Chair

Selection, pricing, and knowledge set Leather and More apart. Count on our experienced team of experts to ask the right questions to ensure you select the leather that's right for you.

Here are some facts to consider when choosing leather:

  1. Have children or pets? Select a protected leather - aniline plus - that is more resistant to stains, body oils and scratches.
  2. Bring a photo. If you have that perfect sofa in mind, be sure to bring or email a photo so that we can find the exact piece.
  3. Color matters. We will gladly send color swatches of leathers so that you can see them in the light of your home and experience our quality first hand.
  4. Right-sized. Not sure if a sectional is right for your room? The experts at Leather and More can lay your room out to scale and offer different seating options.
  5. A learning process. We truly believe an educated consumer is the foundation of our business. We are here to create lifelong customers by offering you the best quality, value and knowledge. Take time to ask questions and understand what you expect from your leather investment.
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